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Hail and Storm Damage Information

Reroof Information

A homeowner can purchase their own permit and schedule the inspection IF they are performing the work.

  • Permit Timeline - A permit is good for 180 days. The permit can be extended for an additional 180 days, for no fee one time.
  • Reroof Inspections - Reroof inspections are not done same day or next day due to volume. The approximate time period may vary. Contact you contractor.
  • Inspections - You as the homeowner CANNOT request the inspection for your contractor. The contractor that pulled your permit must schedule this.
  • Inspection Process - Once the Reroof work is completed, the contractor will request an inspection; inspectors will come out to the permitted address and ring the doorbell and knock to introduce themselves. If no one is home, the inspector will tag the door with a hanger that will have instructions on how to obtain the inspection results. The inspector will perform the inspection and log all results. The contractor will get an automated email with all inspection results.


The Regional Building Department recommends that everyone have Carbon Monoxide Detectors installed in their home. This is an important life safety issue.


The door hanger you receive after a reroof inspection is meant to serve as information to the homeowner. Inspection results can be searched by Clicking Here.

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