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Reports on BUILDING Permits Issued:

Project Codes - Click for a listing of our number project codes.

Below are links to the primary reports issued by the Building Department. Some are plain text files, some are in PDF format and some are tab delimited to allow for easy import into a spreadsheet such as Excel. Tab-Delimited reports are available by Subscription only. See here for information about our free web accounts and subscriptions. See below for instuctions on how to save tab delimited reports and import them into a spreadsheet program.

Daily Reports:  ( Updated at 6pm daily )       Weekly Report:
                                                                        ( Updated on Friday at 6pm )
Permits Issued on previous Monday             Permits Issued Last Week

Permits Issued on previous Tuesday            Monthly Reports:
                                                                        ( Updated on the 1st at 2am )
Permits Issued on previous Wednesday       Permits Issued Last Month    Permit Activity

Permits Issued on previous Thursday           Government Building Report Last Month - Permit Totals by Project Code

Permits Issued on previous Friday                Government Building Reports for 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Building Permits Issued Last Month - (Value > $10,000) Sorted by Contractor (Tab Delimited)

Building Permits Issued Last Month - (Residential New Construction) Sorted by Contractor (Tab Delimited)

Waldo Canyon Fire
  Permit Activity, Information
Black Forest Fire Burn Area
  Permit Activity, Information

Reports on ALL Permits Issued:

Permits Issued Today    ( Updated at 6pm daily )

Permits Issued Last Month     (El Paso County Assessor Report)

Permits Issued 2 Months ago

Permits Issued This Month to Date

Permits Issued YTD  Updated Monthly  (This is a Tab-Delimited ASCII file once unzipped.)

History of All Permits Issued for Previous Years              (These are Tab-Delimited ASCII files once unzipped.) 
Permits Issued for 2014   (3,494 KB)
Permits Issued for 2013   (3,427 KB)
Permits Issued for 2012   (3,771 KB)
Permits Issued for 2011   (3,047 KB)
Permits Issued for 2010   (3,376 KB)
Permits Issued for 2009   (2,470 KB)
Permits Issued for 2008   (2,453 KB)  
Permits Issued for 2007   (2,248 KB)  
Permits Issued for 2006   (2,056 KB)   
Permits Issued for 2005   (2,556 KB) 
Permits Issued for 2004   (2,610 KB)  
Permits Issued for 2003   (2,123 KB)  
Permits Issued for 2002   (1,995 KB)   
Permits Issued for 2001  
(1,728 KB) 
Permits Issued for 2000  
(1,785 KB) 
Permits Issued for 1999  (1,666 KB)   
Permits Issued for 1998   (1,380 KB)   
Permits Issued for 1997   (1,432 KB)  

Permits Issued for 1996   (1,231 KB)  

Permits Issued for 1995   (1,286 KB)  
Permits Issued for 1994   (1,065 KB) 
Permits Issued for 1993   (1,124 KB) 
Permits Issued for 1992   (1,229 KB) 
Permits Issued for 1991   (584 KB)
Permits Issued for 1990   (577 KB)  

Reports on ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL Permits Issued:

Electrical Permits Issued Last Month - Sorted by Permit  Electrical Permits Issued This Month to Date

Mechanical Permits Issued Last Month - Sorted by Contractor   Mechanical Permits Issued This Month to Date

Electrical Permits Issued Last Month - Sorted by Contractor   Electrical Permits Issued This Month to Date

Plumbing Permits Issued Last Month - Sorted by Contractor   Plumbing Permits Issued This Month to Date

Reports on All OPEN Plans Issued:

All Open Plans - (Tab Delimited)

Instructions for Tab Delimited Reports

  1. Click the link to access the report
  2. From the File menu on your browser (or Page toolbar button on some browsers), choose "Save As..." or "Save Page As..." and change the Save As type to be Text File (*.txt).
  3. Open your spreadsheet program such as Excel.
  4. Inside the spreadsheet program, open or import the text file you saved from the report.
  5. Your spreadsheet program should recognize that this is a tab delimited report and walk you through the remaining steps to import. Depending on what spreadsheet program you are using, this may be a File Open or Import operation. If you open the saved report file in Notepad or other plain text editor some spreadsheet programs will support copy and paste to import the data. Consult the help file for your spreadsheet program if necessary.