Plan Check Policies


RBD, along with outside city, county and utility agencies, offers a parallel review process for commercial projects. Projects will be limited to new construction and additions located within the City of Colorado Springs. This process will allow concurrent plan review by more than one agency at any given time. Please see the attached file showing a flow chart of the process.


RBD requires one set of plans for all commercial projects, except those submitted for parallel plan review. After plans have been reviewed and scanned into the records (a one day process), the approved plan set will be returned to the client to have on site during construction.


Pikes Peak Regional Building Department requires that each set of plans submitted contain no more than one building. A single building per plan package will simplify and expedite the review process.

EXCEPTION: The following projects may include multiple structures on one plan. Under these conditions a common plan is acceptable but separate permits and separate Code Study Forms will be required for each structure.

  • Mini storage facilities of one occupancy group, (office and / or caretakers quarters must be on a separate plan)
  • Convenience store or gas station with a canopy and / or car wash,
  • Any group of buildings that share a common foundation.


When a development consists of multiple buildings, a single plan will be required for each building, or type of building. A copy of the development plan must be included with each plan.

EXCEPTION: When two or more buildings on the development are identical, only one plan set, clearly identifying the location of each building, need be submitted for identical buildings. A site plan is required for all buildings. Options are not permitted.


Effective October 1st 2008 Pikes Peak Regional Building requires all commercial plans include a "Code Study Form". This form can be located under the "Plan Review" menu at http://www.pprbd.org/ or from the following link: Code Study Form. This document must be stamped by the design professional of record. Plans submitted without this information will not be reviewed. At this time a Life Safety Plan will not be required for plans that are not designated for parallel plan review.

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